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24-03-2023 Order in Appeal No.40 of 2022-23 M/s. Bhagyanagar India Limited Vs TSSPDCL View
19-03-2023 Order in Appeal No.19 of 2022-23 Sri Komati Reddy Sridhar Reddy Vs TSNPDCL View
16-03-2023 Order in Appeal No.23 of 2022-23 Sultana Begum, (Beneficiary:Sameer Khan) Vs TSSPDCL View
14-03-2023 Order in Appeal No.22 of 2022-23 Sri Md. Ibraheem Khan, Beneficiary Sameer Khan Vs TSSPDCL View
09-03-2023 Order in Appeal No.17 of 2022-23 Sri Prabhu Hadalkar Vs TSSPDCL View
08-03-2023 Order in Appeal No.37 of 2022-23 Smt. Jhansi Panchagiri Vs TSNPDCL View
06-03-2023 Order in Appeal No.41 of 2022-23 Sri Sunil Kumar Kedia Vs TSSPDCL View
03-03-2023 Order in Appeal No.35 of 2022-23 Mr.Mohammad Abdul Basith Vs TSSPDCL View
01-03-2023 Order in Appeal No.32 of 2022-23 M/s. Mancherial Cement Company (P) Ltd. Vs TSNPDCL View
28-02-2023 Order in Appeal No.30 of 2022-23 M/s. Sai Balaji Industries Vs TSNPDCL View
27-01-2023 Order in Inward No.575 of 2022-23 Mr.Shaik Mateen Vs TSSPDCL View
27-02-2023 Order in Appeal No.34 of 2022-23 M/s. Venkateswara Modern Rice Mill Vs TSNPDCL View
25-02-2023 Order in Appeal No.36 of 2022-23 Smt. Vijay Laxmi Agarwal Vs TSSPDCL View
22-02-2023 Order in CMP No.12 of 2022-23 in Appeal No. 24 of 2020-21 M/s. L&T Metro Rail (Hyderabad) Ltd. Vs TSSPDCL View
22-02-2023 Order in CMP No.11 of 2022-23 in Appeal No. 23 of 2020-21 M/s. L&T Metro Rail (Hyderabad) Ltd. Vs TSSPDCL View
21-02-2023 Order in Appeal No.27 of 2022-23 Smt. Polishetty Vijaya Vs TSSPDCL View
16-02-2023 Order in Appeal No.25 of 2021-22 M/s. Shivateja Industries Vs TSSPDCL View
14-02-2023 Order in Appeal No.24 of 2022-23 Mr. Abdul Quddus Qureshi Vs TSSPDCL View
09-02-2023 Order in Appeal No.23 of 2021-22 M/s.Veeranjaneya Binny Rice Mill Vs TSSPDCL View
07-02-2023 Order in Appeal No.21 of 2022-23 M/s. Binjusaria Ispat (P) Limited Vs TSSPDCL View
04-02-2023 Order in Appeal No.06 of 2022-23 Sri Sushil Kumar Manaktala Vs TSSPDCL View
02-02-2023 Order in Appeal No.28 of 2022-23 Sri Sappidi Madhav Reddy Vs TSSPDCL View
01-02-2023 Order in Appeal No.11 of 2021-22 M/s. Sri Sai Rajeshwari Spinning Mills Pvt. Ltd., Vs TSNPDCL View
31-01-2023 Order in Inward No.589 of 2022-23 Mr.Syed Waseem Pasha,Divisional Railway Manager,(Traction Distribution) Vs TSSPDCL View
31-01-2023 Order in Appeal No.31 of 2022-23 M/s. Shri Hari Ferro Alloys Pvt., Ltd Vs TSNPDCL View
30-01-2023 Order in Appeal No.29 of 2022-23 Sri T. Venkata Nagesh Vs TSSPDCL View
27-01-2023 Order in Appeal No.33 of 2022-23 M/s. Markandeya Engineering Vs TSNPDCL View
23-01-2023 Order in Appeal No.08 of 2022-23 Hrudaya Mother and Child Hospital, represented by Dr.Asha Devi Vs TSSPDCL View
17-01-2023 Order in Appeal No.26 of 2022-23 M/s. Devi Industries, represented by Sri Shadullah Baba Vs TSSPDCL View
13-01-2023 Order in Appeal No.16 of 2022-23 Floatilla Owners Welfare Association, represented by Sri Devisetty Sridhar Vs TSSPDCL View
11-01-2023 Order in Appeal No.40 of 2021-22 Sri Sreeramoju Akshay Kumar Vs TSNPDCL View
10-01-2023 Order in Appeal No.18 of 2022-23 Smt. Guduri Kalyani. Vs TSNPDCL View
09-01-2023 Order in Appeal No.31 of 2021-22 M/s. Creative Multimedia represented by Sri Rajashekar Buggaveeti. Vs TSSPDCL View
06-01-2023 Order in Appeal No.22 of 2021-22 Sri K. Veerender Reddy. Vs TSSPDCL View
03-01-2023 Order in Appeal No.20 of 2022-23 Smt. Kayathi Rama Devi Vs TSSPDCL View





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